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Financial Information

We provide financial support for all of our PhD students. Every School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering PhD student making satisfactory progress towards his or her degree receives a competitive stipend and a tuition waiver that drops the cost of tuition to $25 per semester. In return for the stipend, PhD students are expected to serve as teaching assistants for three or four semesters during their time at Georgia Tech, depending upon the needs of the School.

Expected Costs for PhD Students, 2012-2013

Semsester Tuition Mandatory Fees
Fall 2012 $25 $1,190
Spring 2013 $25 $1,190
Summer 2013 $25 $947*

Cost of Living

It is important to remember that Atlanta has one of the lowest costs of living of any city or town that is home to a top chemical & biomolecular engineering program.

Fellowship Opportunites

Outstanding students can apply to receive additional funding through the following external sources:

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list of external funding sources. We encourage you to research other opportunities.

In addition, the School may nominate exceptional candidates for fellowships from the following donors:

  • McLain Foundation
  • R.E.B. Foundation
  • Frank S. Dennis Endowment
  • James P. Harris Endowment
  • Frederick Holloway Endowment
  • Thomas J. Malone Endowment
  • Robert "Bud" Moeller Endowment
  • James & Sheila Pirkle Endowment
  • James Simmons Endowment
  • James A. Russell Endowment
  • David I. Wang Endowment